American Ad Books works hard to respect the privacy of visitors to our site, as well as our clients. This privacy policy is updated from time to time, so please check back occasionally for updates.

The purpose of American Ad Books is to collect agency information, including visual information, from publicly available sources, and distribute it to the public so that the agency will receive more attention.

For this reason, almost everything we do is public, not private.

What information do we collect?

Any information available freely over the internet, including images, client names, company names, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and job titles. We also collect click data on AAB Showcase competitions.

What information is kept private?

Personal contact information including judge’s names, email addresses, phone numbers, and judge company names which are collected during the process of judging. This information is confidential.

What information might you receive from us?

When you list your creative work with American Ad Books and AAB Showcase, you also agree to receive communication from us in order to receive updates and support by email


Cookies are not used by American Ad Books, and our website is a “cookie-free” zone. This means that no additional information is collected from you when you visit any of our websites, and advertising sites such as Google AdWords will not be targeting you for special advertising based on your interest in our website.

Your Consent

By becoming a participant and/or client of American Ad Books, you give consent to the collection and use of the previously mentioned information.

Opting Out

As a member, we will periodically communicate information about your membership via emails that may contain annual renewal notices and information about product updates. We must maintain an open channel with you for these types of communications in order to ensure the integrity of our service. We therefore cannot unsubscribe you or any other member from these messages unless you choose to drop your listing completely.

Contact Information

Have questions? Reach out to us at

Eligibility and Conditions

All creative work must have been done by agency submitting the work.

All creative work must be part of a currently online public and accessible portfolio, or have been or be in the public eye.

All creative work must have been seen by the public and approved by the company represented by any logo on the creative work.

No submission may include notice or imagery indicating creative award status.

Any approvals or copyright questions are the responsibility of the agency and/or person submitting the work.

Accuracy of web links and web addresses are the responsibility of the agency and/or person submitting the work.

Entering of work in any category includes consent to show that work in any book, online or in print, and to show that work in any AAB Showcase Awards contest.

Participation in American Ad Books and/or AAB Showcase Awards represents acceptance of these conditions.

Judges who review and judge creative work agree to have their names shown both on the AAB website and in the Winners Annual.

Judges who review and judge creative work agree to allow their names, images, and titles to be used in promotion of their status as top judges, in print, web, or email.

By entering work in the AAB Showcase and the AAB Showcase Awards, or any other associated item from American Ad Books, you agree to the following terms and understanding of service:

Any and all links supplied by a featured entity are the sole responsibility of that entity to maintain, test, and notify AAB of any need to update.

Each agency, design house and marketing firm, by submitting work to American Ad Books, has affirmed that each piece is the product of their creativity.

All paid services offered by AAB are subject to change. These services may be changed at any time, without notice to the purchaser. AAB will endeavor to offer a service of similar or greater value if the purchased service is terminated, or changed in a significant way.

It is the nature of collaboration that many individuals may claim creative ownership, and in fact each may be correct to different extents.

It is also the nature of the marketing business for individuals to work for a variety of firms, including their own. For this reason, any one piece may be credited to two or more companies where the individuals responsible for the work may have previously worked together.

In the case of legal documents or non-disclosure agreements, it is the responsibility of the firm or individual displaying the work to remain in compliance. American Ad Books and the AAB Showcase Awards is not responsible for violations of agreements which have not been revealed. However, upon notification, AAB will follow the terms of any such agreement, and take immediate action to come into compliance.

When printed material is found to be attributed incorrectly, it is the responsibility of the agency entering or listing the work to contact American Ad Books immediately and request a correction.

If there are any concerns regarding creative work credited to any firm or individual listed in any AAB publication online or in print, please contact American Ad Books at

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